About Us

Dean Steinman is the co-founder and CEO of SprayCharts. In addition to being a pitcher, catcher, and third baseman for the Stuyvesant High School Baseball Team in New York City, he was a sports writer and editor for several publications including College Weekly and The Stuyvesant Spectator. He currently contributes to 2080 Baseball as a Pacific Rim Player Evaluator. Dean was inspired to team up with Sebastian and create Spraycharts by investigating both high school and collegiate baseball teams throughout the United States and Japan. He studies Economics at Keio University in Tokyo.

Sebastian Cain is the co-founder and CTO of SprayCharts. He has been developing iOS apps for 3 years, with SprayCharts being his largest project to date. His other ventures include attending hackathons, doing contract work for the likes of Plutonium Apps and other Silicon Valley startups, attending conferences like WWDC17, and starting a freelance agency (Isometric Studios). He studies Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo in Canada.